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Food & Nutrition Services

Students talking with each other at the lunch table.

Lunch and Recess Schedule

Application for Educational Benefits

Although qualifying for meal benefits is not necessary to receive free meals, it is still very important to complete the meal benefits application as soon as possible. Qualifying for meal benefits also qualifies students for additional benefits, including: free ACT testing; participation in College Possible program; college scholarships; some government benefits; and discounts for things such as Comcast internet service, and tickets to various museums.

You should apply if:

  • Your family qualified for meal benefits last year -- a new application MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH YEAR.
  • Your family applied last year but did not meet income guidelines. The guidelines change a little each year and you may now qualify for benefits.
  • Your household income has been affected by unemployment, health crisis, death or other circumstances.

View more information and the application form.

Michelle DeGolyer
Countryside Food and Nutrition Lead
(952) 848-4737

Food and Nutrition Services


Kirsten Kruizenga
Food Service Director
(952) 848-3813

Abby Dollerschell
Assistant Food Service Director,
Special Diet/Allergy Menu Coordinator
(952) 848-3812

Christian Klun
Executive Chef
(952) 848-3861

James Knittel
Operations Manager
(952) 848-3112

Joanne Meyer & Kim Eykyn
Administrative Assistants,
Educational Benefits
(952) 848-3811